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Feast for the Soul: A 40-Day Worldwide Spiritual Practice Intensive

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

What nine months does for the embryo

Forty early mornings

Will do for your growing awareness - Jelaluddin Rumi

The Feast for the Soul is a 40-day spiritual practice period observed by thousands of people worldwide each year from January 15-February 23.

It’s considered a spiritual practice intensive and the perfect time for anyone to commit to deepening their spiritual practice. It’s true, peace on earth can only arise from peace in one’s heart. One person at a time.

The Feast was created in 2006 after its founder, Valerie Skonie, an American woman following the Sufi path, was inspired by the words of the Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi:  “What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness.”

The Feast for the Soul is a not-for-profit organization that holds a vision of a world at peace that surpasses the imagined boundaries of creed, culture, and philosophical beliefs.

Their teaching faculty includes many leaders in Mindfulness, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Sufism, Christianity, and yogic and modern contemplative traditions who offer thousands of guided meditations on the Feast’s website available year-round, free of charge.

Practitioners can also find spiritual practice support via audio, written instruction, and inspiration as well as meditations offered in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese, and meditations for children and teens.

The Feast is a charitable organization run almost entirely by volunteers, and it welcomes contributions of both time and financial support.


Jill Merrell received her training and certification through the McLean Meditation Institute. Her teacher, Sarah McLean is the director of Feast for the Soul and continues to inspire herself and others throughout the world in a life filled with more peace and kindness. 

Sarah McLean is a contemporary meditation and mindfulness teacher who has been inspiring people to meditate for over 25 years. With kindness and humor, Sarah shares her secrets to creating a successful meditation practice and how it can lead to increased self-compassion, clear communication, and a more peaceful life.