After going through the M@W Training with Jill, I can absolutely say that my productivity, management, and decision making at work has drastically improved. Communication with my employees and my employees with me has never been better. I am happy to say since going through the training we’ve had the best Quarter of our company’s existence.

Chris Miguel, CMO Wholly Fit


Our staff at Palm Health Foundation told me that this is one of the most beneficial staff workshops we’ve ever had. Jill did an excellent job in presenting the material and drawing us in to apply mindfulness in the workplace. We’re excited now to infuse these practices throughout the organization.

Patrick McNamara LCSW, President & CEO


What a treat to have Jill lead our organization through her Mindfulness @Work training.  In three sessions over lunch, Jill gave our small staff of 10 a menu of mindfulness tools to help us work better together and more efficiently.  I have seen a change in our office culture to one that embraces intention-setting and "mindful moments" to focus staff before meetings.  We now understand how important it is to be present in all tasks.  In my personal life, I have incorporated a practice of gratitude at home before I leave the house, which no doubt overflows into my workday.  Thank you, Jill! 

Jeff Groves, Organization Manager Palm Health Foundation


We asked Jill to present her mindfulness at work program.  Our chosen 6- week structure worked well as we gathered for a video conference each of 6 Wednesdays during August and September. The course materials were timely, well presented and thought provoking. Jill wasted no time from start to finish getting to know our company, our ideals and our goals. Our mindfulness at work program was tailored to our needs and our surveyed internal approval rate is near 100%. We all think the program was a benefit and would suggest it widely.

Jay Bristow - General Manager MND America